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October, 2014 Reading
11/17/2013 6:48:51 AM
Greetings Dharma Friends!  

Our new book reading is 'Reflections on a Mountain Lake: Teachings on Practical Buddhism' by Ani Tenzin Palmo. 

This sparkling collection of Dharma teachings by Tenzin Palmo addresses issues of common concern to Buddhist practitioners from all traditions. Personable, witty, and insightful, Tenzin Palmo presents an inspiring and no-nonsense view of Buddhist practice. 

Past Readings & Comments
10/15/2011 7:39:06 AM
These are the reading we have shared in the past with our Sangha community

1. Bhante Henepola Gunaratana  - " Eight Mindful Steps to Happiness"

2. Pema Chodron - "Practicing Peace in Times of War"

3. Thich Nhat Hahn - The 14 mindfulness Trainings  

4.  Thich Nhat Hahn - "Peace Is Every Step - The Path of Mindfulness in Everyday Life" 

5.  The 4 Foundations of Mindfulness in Plain English - Bhante Gunaratana

6.  Ethics For The New Millenium - The Dalai Lama

2 items total

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