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Quan Am Temple - 2013  Photos taken by Sangha member Diana Arnold in the summer of 2013.  
Quan Am Temple  Please enjoy pictures of the Quan Am Temple and surrounding grounds. 
Visit from Thay -  Sept. 27th, 2012
Hanamatsuri - Buddha's Birthday Celebrating Siddhartha Gautama's birthday.
Dhammadipa Visit  The Venerable Dhammadipa visits Quan Am Temple to discuss the merits of meditation.  Ven. Dhammadipa is a highly gifted meditation teacher who has trained in both samatha and vipassana meditation under eminent teachers in Sri Lanka and Burma.
 Ajahn Sucitto, a distinguished Theravada Buddhist Monk in the Thai forest tradition, lead a day of meditation on Sat. May 4th 2013 at Amitabha Village Retreat Center near Lansing.
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